We partner with a number of data centres throughout the UK - these datacentres provide an ultra-secure environment for your hosting requirements with an extensive range of customisable packages to suit your needs.

Datacentres provide an ultra-secure environment for your hosting requirements with an extensive range of customisable packages to suit your needs, whether it be a single rack or a dedicated suite, offering the ideal solution no matter what your requirements may be.

Security & Access

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customer's data are top priorities at Aries Networks, giving customers valuable peace of mind that data is secure at all times. To that end, all Aries Networks Datacentre sites are fully CCTV monitored by intelligent cameras, responding to schedule, motion detection, or operator direction as needed, with entrances and external areas being fully covered by surveillance with a digital storage system recording all activity for review. Perimeter security is maintained with electronically-controlled access provided only with prior permission—at all times, this is controlled by on-site teams with CCTV and monitoring equipment in the central control room. Highly-secure door access control systems log all site activity, with a two-factor authentication model using personal access cards and individual PINs being deployed. Cards are registered to individuals or logged out to visitors, ensuring we know who’s on-site at any one time, with activity reports being generated in line with an ISO compliant procedure.

N+1 Infrastructure Resilience

All datacentre power and HVAC infrastructure components are built on an N+1 design. Capacity is always available to support the operational load of the datacentre with the ability to lose a single infrastructure component without impacting availability of the overall infrastructure, offering a robust and highly resilient solution for business-critical environments.

Air Conditioning & Temperature

The datacentres provide managed and monitored air conditioning facilities to ensure optimum temperature levels are maintained at all times. Each datacentre contains N+1 air conditioning systems, guaranteeing that the ambient inlet temperatures to computing and communications equipment are within ASHRAE operational targets.

Colocation Costs Per Month
Service Cost Per Month
Single Server  
1U Co-location Includes Fair Use Power   £45.00
Set-up Charge (One off Fee)   £95.00
Quarter Rack, Half Rack & Full Rack  
Quarter Rack   £300.00
Half Rack   £600.00
Full Rack   £1100.00

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