On-line business is booming. In part, this reflects a change in the willingness of individuals to make purchases in cyberspace rather than on the high street. Hand in hand with this change is the need to create websites that are simple to use, and clearly explain or demonstrate the products and services being offered for sale.

For the supplier, our experience with on-line shopping ensures we build flexible, scalable e-commerce sites utilising the latest, most efficient payment and order fulfilment architecture, with a customer relationship management system that maximises the potential for repeat purchases.

Our ecommerce platform is the result of extensive research into what our clients needed the system to do. This made our job hard as we found that every client is different. After much testing we came up with the ecommerce solution we have today. A highly flexible system that allows you to edit, add and delete products with just a few clicks of a button. Your new ecommerce store comes with a wide variety of features and benefits. See below just some of the key features you can look forward to.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Automatic Currency Updater
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Products
  • Popular Product Section
  • Multiple Images Per product
  • Related Products Sale Item Section
  • New Products Section
  • Newsletters
  • Product Testimonials
  • Full Search Facility
  • Customisable Delivery Features
  • Multiple Images Per product

The E Commerce website system is a feature packed application that is easy to use and integrates with all the major merchant gateway systems, allowing you to accept payments via credit card instantly.

Examples Of Ecommerce

Harvest Healthcare - 2011 Go Mobility - 2006 The House Of Heritage - 2010 Art School Supplies - 2009