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Smart Technologies

We supply, install and support the complete range of interactive products from Smart Technologies, the UK's market leader of Interactive Whiteboards. We provide a complete service including installation, configuration, training and ongoing support. In addition to mobile interactive products, we provide fixed installations for Interactive Whiteboards & ceiling mounted projectors, making these wonderful technologies permanently accessible. Our installations include high level mains power for projectors (supplied with NICEIC certification), custom cabling for video and audio signals and full software training for your whiteboard. In addition to standard projector installations, we can provide insurance approved security cages to protect your projector from theft or malicious damage.

We can install projectors to most locations, including flat roofs, suspended ceilings & tall ceilings.

Promethean Activclassroom

Our Revolutionary 21st Century Teaching Solution. Activclassroom is simply a revolution to interactive classroom teaching. It's an all-in-one solution that integrates modern technologies, so everyone benefits from a greatly enhanced teacher/learning experience. Whatever the stage of learning, our Activclassroom solution takes teaching to the next level. This solution is a powerful tool because all of our teaching products integrate and interact with each other. Primary Enagage with pupils and bring lessons to life. Teaching young children has never been so engaging and exciting. All eyes are to the front when you use our teaching solution for primary pupils. You interact with our award winning Activprimary software on our Activboard or Activboard+2, both supplied with Activpens. Activprimary empowers you to enrich the learning experiences of primary school children. All of the resources are designed to inspire and appeal to young children. The numerous resources of Activprimary can assist teachers with helping their pupils to achieve learning objectives. High resolution, colourful images on a large bright screen are instantly attractive to children but when combined with the Activprimary tools and child-friendly resources, classroom teaching comes alive.

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