PC Upgrades

PC Upgrades

Computer technology moves on so quickly and with it comes new software releases that take advantage of the extra processing power available on new computers. Even a 2 year old system can often struggle running todays new programs.

This is especially the case if your computer is used for gaming. If you’re finding that your computer is getting a bit slow then it may be worth looking at a PC upgrade.

We are happy to advise on your options. You may need more Ram, a faster processor or you may simply need the latest version of your Operating System.

Upgrading your computer is a much cheaper alternative to buying a new computer every 12 months. A simple PC upgrade of memory or processor can make a huge difference to the speed of your PC. We can perform most PC upgrades at your office or home, giving you peace of mind. Desktops and laptops can be upgraded depending on age.

As PCs age, their limitations become ever more apparent and annoying. That speed demon bought just a few years ago is now noisy and slow, the hard disk is running out of room, all the USB ports are occupied and modern games look awful. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. With some simple upgrades you might be able to put off buying a new one for a good while yet.

The beauty of desktop PCs is that almost every component can be upgraded, and often for surprisingly little money. What’s even better is that, in most cases, proficiency with a screwdriver is all that is needed and, while some planning may be required, the physical work can often be completed in just a few minutes. Call us to discuss your options, advice is free and upgrades can often cost less than you think.