Web Design

Web Design

Aries have been designing Web Sites since 1996. Our client base ranges from hotels to schools.

Whether you require a database driven e-commerce site, or a simple brochure type website, we can help. We provide a high quality service at very competitive rates. We all expect to see businesses offer the convenience of a web site, yet many sites will leave their visitors feeling very disappointed, as they are badly designed or simply outdated. A successful internet presence can boost sales and profits just as a badly designed web site will drive potential customers straight to your competitors.

We specialise in providing a professional web design service, from concept planning through to ongoing maintenance and support. Our sites are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also search engine and browser friendly. Once a site is completed we offer marketing packages to promote and maintain search engine positions, placing our clients sites at the top of search engine rankings.

New Web Site Designs

When we create new web sites, we develop, design & build a product that will promote your company online with the benefits of interactive business. We take into account accessibility and usability issues, we also make sure that it is search engine ready, using site optimisation techniques to make sure that you receive quality traffic - visitors looking at your site that you can convert into qualified sales leads.

We design and code our sites to meet all of the specifications and guidelines set out by the World Wide Web Consortium - www.w3.org. This means writing the code (or markup) for your website in XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language) and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to apply styles.

Web Sites Renovation

If your current website doesn't hit the mark or if your website just doesn't seem to bring you any sales, we can renovate it. Often all that is required is a simple makeover, but sometimes it's better to start from scratch and do with a whole new concept. If your site is not performing as you like, contact us to find out how we can provide the site you really need.

Web Standard & CSS Validation

Validating your website is the only real way to make sure it displays the way it should across different devices and browsers. Whether you are building your organisations web site yourself or you are using a team of web designers to do it for you it is important that the web pages which are built validate.

What is validation?

Why is it important and how do you check for it? If your website is not standards compliant you have already started with a handicap. If your website is not search engine friendly so any Search Engine Optimisation efforts are already hampered.

What are the W3C and web standards?

W3C stands for World Wide Web consortium and the W3C was formed in October 1994 by Tim Berners-lee the inventor of the World Wide Web. The W3C oversees internet development and tries to bring standards and best practices when designing for the internet. They govern standards for many things including HTML, CSS and XML. On their website you will find a wealth of information on how to make your website web compliant. W3C also aim to make website's more accessible and useable to people with handicaps. Search Engine Optimisation. If your web site struggles to get any visitors or you don't appear on search engines, then there is little benefit to having a well designed, attractive web site, as no one will see it - If this is the case, you need to look at Search Engine Optimisation. We carry out research into the way major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo & Live Search 'crawl' your site. Armed with this information we can determine what your website needs to give it a high ranking and from this, more quality traffic and more potential customers.

Domain Name Registration.

You can register your domain name directly through Aries. We can help you secure your online presence by registering domains relevant to your business. By registering multiple names relevant to your business we are increasing your product or service exposure on the Internet.

Our Sample Portfolio From 2002

The Earl of Doncaster Hotel - 2002 PK Fabrications Steel Services - 2008 Art School Supplies For Education - 2009 Green Earth Paints - 2010
St Andrews School, Hull - 2007 Richard Marsh Joinery - 2008 The Web Site - Design Company - 2008 Therapie Spa and Beauty - 2006