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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor authentication is a more secure method of verifying or validating your identity.

Two Factor Authentication is an approach to Authentication which requires the presentation of two or more of the three authentication factors

Two Factor Authentication
  • 1 - Something the user knows (I.E PIN Number)
  • 2 - Something the user has (I.E USB or Keyfob)

Without two of these things - the user cannot log in.

The most common method of authentication is the username and password. This may seem like two factors, but both the username and the password are 'what you know' components and the username is generally public knowledge or easily guessed. So, the password is the only thing standing between an attacker and impersonating you.

Two Factor authentication requires using two different methods, or factors, to provide an additional layer of protection. Typically, Two Factor authentication involves using either 'what you have' or 'who you are' in addition to the standard username and password ('what you know').

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Two Factor Authentication