Bonded DSL From £120.00 Per Month

Bonded DSL

The Fast Alternative To Leased Lines - Bonding up to 8 ADSL lines creates one single high speed broadband connection.

Bonded DSL from Aries Networks offers an ideal alternative for small businesses, home workers and those based in remote locations who need a more resilient and cost effective solution for connectivity.

It offers an alternative to Fibre Optic broadband and Leased Lines.

How Does Bonded DSL Work?
  • Multiple lines bonded – Bond up to 8 broadband lines together.
  • As soon as the lines hit the local exchange, the bandwidth is combined - creating one high speed connection.
  • Hardware – we provide the required hardware based on the estimated total speed of your Bonded DSL solution.
  • This enables both the bonding and connection to the Internet More resilient – by using multiple broadband lines and routers, a more resilient solution is provided.
  • If one router or line fails, the connection will continue using the remaining lines.
  • Enhanced Service Levels.
  • Asymmetrical Speeds.
Bonded DSL
Who is Bonded DSL Ideal For?
  • Companies based in rural locations or more than 3 miles away from the nearest exchange.
  • Companies with the requirement to run VoIP and hosted solutions across ADSL technology.
  • Companies looking for a cost effective alternative to fibre broadband or leased lines.
  • Companies with home/remote workers.
What does Bonded DSL mean to a business?
  • Cost-effective alternative – for those without a budget for leased lines and without access to Superfast Fibre Broadband, Bonded DSL provides the perfect solution.
  • Peace of mind – with multiple routers and lines the connection becomes more resilient.
  • Increased upload speeds – allowing use of VoIP and other hosted applications to be passed more efficiently between sites.
  • Easy management- as if it were a single line.

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Prices start from £120.00 Per Month.

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