CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Installations

We provide a wide range of cost-effective cctv installations, high quality surveillance systems for securing people and property.

New CCTV Installations

For new CCTV installations we use the latest IP cameras to provide high quality digital images which are stored to hard disc.  These can be viewed via a smartphone if required. We provide a complete service, from design to installation.

Existing Installations

If you have an existing system which uses Coaxial Cabling, we are able to replace the cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorder) with a new technology which transforms the megapixal quality to either 4MB or 8MB.

Why IP Is Better?

Megapixel Resolution: IP Cameras offer HD-quality images, with resolutions ranging up to 10 MP.  This is much better compared to the SD-quality images from analogue cameras, measured in TV lines.

Scalability: The size of analogue camera systems is limited, with regard to the number of cameras that can be incorporated, depending on the number of channels available on the DVRs.  IP surveillance applications, on the other hand, can support an unlimited number of cameras, with the option of having some cameras in remote locations.

Flexibility: IP Cameras can be incorporated into existing analogue security systems to create a hybrid system.  This is beneficial to small business owners who may have an analogue system already in place and may not have the resources to replace the entire system at once.

Wireless Support: It is much easier to incorporate wireless IP Cameras in video surveillance applications as compared to analogue applications.  As such, users can deploy more complex surveillance applications, having cameras installed in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Application Integration: IP surveillance systems are easy to integrate with other applications including POS, ATM, intrusion detection, alarm systems, and access control.

Obsolescence: Analogue technology is basically outdated, and is being replaced with IP technology.  As such, investing in IP camera systems ensures that you have the latest features and functionality.

CCTV Security
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