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Aries Networks cloud backup provides cloud backup facilities for businesses and home users.  Cloud backup provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect critical business data, ensuring the highest levels of data security and protection for a large number of organisations.

Keeping your data safe and secure is vital, as any data loss could be disastrous.  It is vitally important that you choose the right backup provider to keep your data safe.

Our enterprise class backup software puts us at the front of our field, with data backed up to three data centres, AES 256 encryption & multiple retention, your data is completely safe.

Cloud backup storage has numerous advantages over physical data storage.  Cloud backup is more practical as it avoids having to keep multiple copies of data so you can recover to different points – this also means that cloud storage saves you time and money.

Aries Cloud Backup protects your files & applications against deletion, loss and corruption.  It is ideal for Workstations, Servers, Laptops, Virtual Machines, Databases, Exchange Servers Etc.  Aries Cloud Backup runs on multiple, robust cross-platform devices which includes Windows, Mac, Linux & Unix.

You can customise your retention policies per backup job, schedule a time to run and how often a day you would like a backup to run.  With one account, you can backup multiple machines, making it easier to mange your backups.

Daily large file backups made easy using block changes technology so you only backup the changes in a file, not the entire file.

Aries Networks Cloud Backup

Why Choose Aries Networks Cloud Backup?

Everything Cloud Based – Aries Networks Cloud Backup is Cloud Based, so data is safe.

All Data Encrypted – All files are encrypted with AES 256 before they are transmitted to our servers, so in unlikely event the data is intercepted it would be useless.  Is is also encrypted within a SSL channel.

All Data Backed Up To Three Locations – All data that you backup is backed up to three Locations, ensuing a diverse location.

Connection Guaranteed –  Our Backup Servers boasts a 99.99% up-time, so you will always have access to your backups and data.

A Fully Managed Service – Aries Networks can provide administration and support for your Cloud Backups so you don’t have to – saving you time and money.

Full Technical Support – We have full technical support available for your backups.  Call us or email us for a technical questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The System Automated?


Aries Cloud Backup is a fully automated service that allows you to select all important company data stored on your Servers, Workstations or Laptops to be uploaded via your internet connection to secure servers at a location away from your business premises and at a time most convenient to you.  It is a cost effective and much more reliable alternative to performing data backups in house.

Is The System Flexible?


Aries Networks Cloud Backup allows you to define flexible backup schedules to back up your data.  For mission critical data, a backup schedule should be configured according to the requirement of your disaster recovery plan.

Can I backup Open Files?


The software integrates with VSS (Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Copy Service) to take a snapshot of all open files.

Can I Recover Old Or Deleted Files?


The Retention area allows a user to define how long the locally deleted files are going to be retained on the backup server – You can keep deleted files or older versions of a file for a period of time according to the retention.

We recommend at least 7 days.

Can I Backup Exchange Or SQL?


All versions are supported.

Our ‘Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup’ allows a full backup to our datacentre from your individual mailbox on the MS Exchange Server.  The Brick-Level Mailbox Backup backs up the entire contents of the mailbox – Emails, Calendars, Tasks, People Etc and it retains this for at least 7 days, so you can be sure you never accidentally loose or delete an item.

Do You Backup Mobile Devices?


We backup iPhone & Android devices.

Can I Create A Local Backup?


Aries Networks Cloud Backup allows you to create a local copy of all backup sets, ideal for fast restoring of local data.

Can I Test The Backup?


We highly recommend you do as part of your recovery plan.

Can I Backup Large Volumes Or Data Quickly?


For large volumes of data, we initially use a Seed-Load Utility via a USB drive.

Why Choose Aries Networks ?


  • Data Backup From .25p Per GB.
  • AES 256 Encryption As Standard.
  • Data Retention.
  • Data Backed Up Locally If Required.
  • Very High Data Throughput.
  • Back Up Mobile Devices.
  • Free Unlimited Support.
  • Free Installation.
  • Data Backed Up To Three Data Centres.
  • No Speed Restrictions.
  • Free Seed Load Service.
  • Free Reporting.
  • 30 Day Trail.

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