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Data Cabling - 25 Year Warranty

We design, install and support integrated structured cabling systems for data and telephone technologies using the industry leading Molex Premise Networks system. Specialising in copper and fibre Fast Ethernet Networks to both Category 5E & Category 6 standards, our engineers have a vast range of experience in all aspects of structured cabling, from simple office systems to large school/college installations. We offer a highly competitive four-stage network design, which covers all stages of the systems integration life cycle, including:

Network Analysis - A complete assessment of your current equipment and requirements. The analysis takes into account your current hardware & software platforms and enables us to accurately specify an installation best suited to your requirements and budget.

Network Design - Detailed planning and anticipation of your immediate and future network requirements. A full site survey mapping existing and proposed hardware and connection locations based on the most suitable media for your network.

Network Implementation - A fully managed infrastructure installation based on your design requirements - carried out by our fully trained engineers at a time to suit and cause least disruption.

Network Management - Full training relating to general network housekeeping procedures, plus a comprehensive set of network management tools, designed to leverage the highest levels of performance from your installation and provide efficient system diagnosis. Once installed, we test and certify the installation to Category 5E or 6 EIA TSB-67 Level II and provide comprehensive installation documentation, full training and familiarisation with the system. In addition to fully testing the installed system, every installation is backed by a comprehensive insurance backed 25 Year Link Performance warranty.

Network Testing - As well as the Certification & Testing of our own network installations, we offer third party installation testing of clients network installations. Unfortunately many cabling companies do not undertake performance testing when they install cabling systems & many faults can develop on entire systems when cabling systems do not perform correctly. These can be costly - in both the time taken to detect; and the loss of data or the downtime caused when the system fails. Our comprehensive testing facility can be useful for when unidentified network problems arise. Using our state of the art Fluke DSP-4100 and Microtest OmniScanner II Category 5 & 6 Testers we can easily test and certify correctly installed cabling systems. Additionally, should a fault be present in the system, we can easily highlight the problem using these powerful test systems. Testing is performed by our engineers and they can be booked on a daily basis.

If you would like to find out more about Data & 25 Year Warranties, please contact us.

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