EFM Leased Lines From £149.00 Per Month

EFM Leased Lines

Ethernet First Mile connectivity offers a dedicated, unrestricted and uncontended internet connection, permanently available for your exclusive use.

Ethernet First Mile is ideal for rapidly growing small to medium sized businesses looking to take the next step with a high capacity, reliable service at a lower price than Fibre services. EFM uses fixed-band connectivity to provide a high speed service at a cost-effective option to exchange large volumes of data.

How It Works

EFM uses multiple copper pairs to deliver the service. These pairs are bonded together to provide a combined service. By combining pairs you will receive a much more reliable service because if there is a fault with a single wire then the service will just slow down, rather than taking your business off line. In addition, if there is a copper wire fault in the BT Openreach network, EFM is provided with “Service Level 4” which aims to have an engineer resolve the fault within 6 hours.

EFM Costs Per Month
Duration 3 Year Term 5 Year Term
    2MB EFM   £149.00*   £135.00*
    4MB EFM   £299.00*   £249.00*
    6MB EFM   £425.00*   £375.00*
  10MB EFM   £550.00*   £499.00*
  20MB EFM   £699.00*   £649.00*
100BM EFM £1099.00*   £999.00*
200MB EFM £1599.00* £1349.00*

* For Customers With On-Net Exchanges.

Leased Line and services delivered over data connectivity are supported by a 99.99% SLA, with no more than an average 30 millisecond latency.

As part of the SLA, we have guaranteed 4 hour fix time provided by 11 region service centres and a large team of our own field engineering available between the hours 8.00am and 8.00pm.

UK based Customer Service Centre is available by telephone and email, 24/7 365 day a year. All support staff are experienced within Telecommunications and Data Connectivity.

  • Improved Reliability
  • Speed Promise
  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • Fully Managed Cisco Router
  • Perfect for VoIP
  • Enhanced Service Levels
  • No Phone Line Needed

Switch To Leased Line
Prices start from £149.00 Per Month.

If you would like to find out more about Leased Line EFM please contact us.

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