Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email  – £7.50 Per Month

Emails, by default are not secure, If you need to send a password, bank details, payroll or sensitive account information, you should really use an encrypted service.  Sending an unencrypted email is often likened to a postcard, in that anyone who wants to read it just needs to look at it.  This isn’t a good idea, especially when you need to send personal information to someone else.

We install end to end encryption so that no matter what service the email recipient uses, your email data is perfectly safe.  It works with all popular email clients, including Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, Gmail & Yahoo.

Our service ensures seamless, secure 2-way communication between businesses and external contacts.  A delight to use and compatible with any set up, we take the hassle out of encrypting emails and sharing files securely.

With click-and-PIN access, TLS connections, AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication, you can  be sure that your email service stays private and secure – and its GDPR compliant.

Encrypted Email Service

Military-level AES-256 Encryption – in transit and in storage; patent pending no-trail PIN authentication; geographic resilience; secure servers actively monitored 24/7.

Value-Added Customer Experience – Easy access from email or phone via click and PIN; no password required; communications and histories organised in one place.

EU Data Protection & GDPR Compliance – All information remains in same geography.   ISO 27001 and industry regulations including FCA, SRA, FINRA, HIPAA.

All Popular Add-Ins Included – Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 & Gmail.

Encrypted Email
Encrypted Emails

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