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Broadband Solutions – Hotel Wi-Fi

Aries Networks Hotel Wi-Fi Internet Access provides Hotels, Cafe’s, Community Centres & Shops with seamless Wireless Internet Access.

By Installing Aries Networks Hotel Wi-Fi Internet Access to your Hotel, Cafe, Community Centre or Shop, you are offering a valuable service to your customers and also generating revenue in the process. Unlike many systems, you own and control all aspects of the service, you own all the equipment, you decide how much to charge and you keep 100% of all revenue generated.

WiFi Access

Our system offers a host of advanced features, like the ability to include personalised advertisements whilst users browse.  IP Plug & Play connectivity means that user do not need to change any settings on their devices, they simply connect instantly.

Access Points – Discreetly installed throughout the areas requiring Hotel Wi-Fi coverage, providing a high quality service to all areas.  Access points are self powered, removing the need for local mains power and expensive electricians at each access point location.  Existing hardwired cabling can also be easily incorporated to provide total flexibility.

IP Plug & Play – Instant Connection To Your Customers Devices.  No settings are changed on the customers devices, so they won’t have problems reconnecting to other Wireless services, i.e. home or office connections.

Advertisements – Display up to 10 predetermined adverts whilst your users are browsing.  Ideal for promoting offers and services.

Walled Garden – Create a list of web sites users can view without the need to purchase access time.  Ideal for promoting your business web site or tempting users to purchase access time.

Set Your Own Charges – Unlike many systems, you own and control the equipment, so you are free to set your own access charges and you keep 100% of all revenue generated.

Integration with Existing Networks – Our system can easily be integrated with existing network infrastructures, so initial deployment costs can be reduced.

Full Technical Support – Full technical support line for your customers.

How Does It Works?

1 – The customer turns on a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or smartphone & ‘detects’ a Wi-Fi service.  The system assigns the customers device, an IP address – without changing any existing settings.

2 – Customer launches their web browser & attempts to visit their home page. The system redirects customers browser to your customised login page. [Example]

3 – Customer is advised to contact reception for access.  No internet access is possible until the customer contacts reception & requests username & password.

4 – Customer contacts reception, pays for Internet access.  The system prints an access ticket with username & password details customer is given ticket.  [Example]

5 – The customer enters the username & password into the login screen & is free to use the Internet for the time you specified.  When time expires, the customer must purchase another ticket to continue using the Internet.

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