Patch Management

Patch Management

Patch Management is the process of repairing system vulnerabilities which are discovered after the infrastructure components have been released on the market.  This means that popular software such as Windows 10 or Mac OS X needs to be patched so that no vulnerabilities exist on the operating system.

PCs, Laptop & Servers with unpatched software run a much greater risk of being subject to malware attacks.

Just over two years ago, the NHS was crippled, cancelling over 7000 NHS appointments as the PCs and Laptops were not up to date with Patch Management (Souce BBC).

Patch Management

Why Do I Need A Patch Management Solution?

If your organisation has even a small number of computers and/or servers, you will want to make sure they all are updated, however, the process can be challenging, time-consuming, and even overwhelming.

You don’t want to manually manage these patches, as doing so can be a huge headache and a major risk for your organisation.

Outdated Antivirus – An anti-virus program is only as good as its frequency of updates.  If it barely gets updated, then it is pretty much useless.  Its existence in a computer is useless and of no value.  Remember that new threats tend to exist on a regular basis and, thus, the anti-virus needs to acknowledge their existence.  Even more so, updating the program can help remove these threats in case they have infiltrated a system.  By patching your anti-virus, you are giving it the much-needed ability to pick up everything it must do to protect your system.

Software Is Insecure – Software was coded by humans, a masterpiece that has proven to be essential in a person’s day to day life – But like everything else, human error can happen and software can be vulnerable if not coded properly.  In other words, flaws – particularly those that are unintended – can always arise, & when they do, they can open a window of opportunity for attacks from malicious hackers and/or exploiters.

Unsupported Software – Many software vendors will retire software after a period of time, for example Microsoft Office 2007, this means there is No Patch Support for this product anymore.

This means that new functionality will not be added, hardware will stop working and conflicts with newer versions will cause problems.

As soon as new loopholes come to light, they will simply remain vulnerable to attacks.  Why? That is because nothing is being done to resolve them.  It is imperative that you stop utilising this software, especially since exploits can easily become more common and attract more attackers.

Aries Patch Management

Aries Patch Management is a fully automated and managed service where we can remotely update your devices to help maintain security, efficiency, capability and ensuring the best security practices are applied.

When controlled correctly via our Patch Managed software, Patch Management can help optimise productivity by minimising downtime as updates are run out of hours and frees up your internal IT resource from manual admin tasks.

If you Patch Manage manually, you run the risk of missing critical update patches, or users clicking no to updates to save downtime when the PC is rebooted.

The best and secure way to handle patch management is through a controlled and dedicated service.


Number Of DevicesCost £ Per Device
1 - 50£5.00
51 - 100£3.00
101 - 200£2.50
200 +£2.00

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