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Pay As You Go Support

If a managed IT support service is not right for your business then we offer a pay as you go IT service to companies who'd rather call when they have a problem which needs fixing there and then.

We are open 8.00 - 5.00 Monday - Friday - Simply call 0844 504 1785 and we'll log on to fix your issue, on the rare occasions we can’t fix it remotely, we'll send out an engineer - all for just £50.00 Per Hour.

Companies are still looking at different ways to save money and attentions have turned to the IT support contract. Traditionally, companies would be required to sign up to a lengthy agreement to benefit from swift reliable IT services.

We offer pay as you go support. Using the very technology we sell and support, we are now providing top quality services without the need for customers to commit to oversized contracts. It now easier than ever to support companies ‘only’ when they need us, and that’s what we are doing.

Full Systems Health and Security Check Up.

All of our service clients benefit from regular maintenance and IT health and security checks but if you would like one of our engineers to take a look at your IT systems and note any areas for improvement let us know.

Prevention is better than a cure which is why our IT support systems can save you time, money and hassle.

Pay As You Go Support Agreements

Support Type Cost
Phone Engineer Support £25.00 Per Hour
Instant Support (We Log In & Fix Things) £40.00 Per Hour
On Site Engineer Support. £50.00 Per Hour

Pay As You Go Support