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Server Installations

As a Microsoft Partner we specialise in Microsoft Server platforms. We have been installing Microsoft Servers since 1996 and have extensive technical knowledge and expertise in installing, migrating and supporting all server based server solutions - all built to drive your business forward and deliver tangible results.

A network server is a computer designed to process requests and deliver data to other (client) computers over a local network or the Internet. Network servers typically are configured with additional processing, memory and storage capacity to handle the load of servicing clients.

Your server is the most powerful and integral component on your network infrastructure as it allows for fast, efficient file sharing, internal email systems and the sharing of your software throughout your business computers.

The operating system is the fundamental software on your server and provides all the basic file management and hardware functionality. Easy to install and available with support, different versions are focused towards different business and budgets. We offer a range of services, including complete server support and a range of network solutions.

Thanks to our network and server experience, we understand that each business has unique server requirements, from different technologies to the type and size of server required to efficiently power their IT infrastructure and networks. Our professional and experienced IT technicians and consultants will recommend the most appropriate server installation for your needs, taking into consideration your company’s situation and future ambitions.

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