VDSL Cabing

VDSL Cabling

VDSL Point to Point data cabling is a much cheaper alternate to Fibre Optic Cabling for large sites.  This limits the Bandwidth to 100MB up and down.

A variety of cabling types can be used as only two pairs are needed.  Typical cables are Phone cables or Alarm Cables.


  • Supports a Maximum Bandwidth of 100 Mbps.
  • Uses 2 copper wires to extend Ethernet over the distance.
  • Long reach mode – 3KM at lower speeds.
Cable LenthBandwith (MB)
300 Metres100 Up & 100 Down
400 Metres75 Up & 75 Down
500 Metres60 Up & 60 Down
700 Metres40 Up & 40 Down
1000 Metres25 Up & 25 Down
1600 Metres7 Up & 16 Down
2000 Metres5 Up & 14 Down
2600 Metres3 Up & 8 Down
3000 Metres2 Up & 6 Down

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