Vulnerability Scanning

PCI & Website Vulnerability Scanning – Penetration Testing

Automate the discovery of security flaws within your network perimeter quicker, easier, and more accurately.

Why Use Penetration Testing?

If you use a CRM Database, Commerce Website or take Card Payments, you need to make sure your network is secure – The best way to find out if its secure is to test your network with Penetration testing.

Penetration testing is a process intended to uncover vulnerabilities of the network and software services, it is designed to expose threats before these the hackers do.

If your Website, Database or Network is hacked, the financial penalties can be huge, take a  look at these recent data breaches to learn more why you should be vigilant.

Tesco Bank Fined £16.4 Million For 2016 Cyber Attack – Source The Telegraph

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing or ethical hacking uses a series of automated and manual processes to discover the security weaknesses in an IT network, web site or application.

This must be performed with the permission of the system owner, security vulnerabilities are identified and exploited to demonstrate how they can be used to facilitate a cyber attack.  Measures and controls to prevent or mitigate the impact of an attack are recommended for each major vulnerability.

Penetration Testing